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The importance in today’s economy of borrowing funds, regulatory reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and reporting of financial information to the owners or users of your financial statements, has placed an ever increasing importance on the issuance of financial statements or other financial information that has been examined by independent certified public accountants in accordance with generally accepted auditing or attestation standards.Recognizing these needs, our audit service professionals are thoroughly trained in utilizing current risk-based audit techniques to effectively examine financial information and express an opinion thereon.


M & A can advise you on how to effectively manage your tax position at both a business and individual level. The Kenyan and International taxation systems are complex, with frequent changes adding to the complexity. We can manage your financial affairs in a way that is both tax effective and compliant with the law. M & A provides a full suite of taxation services for corporates, businesses and individuals. Our expert taxation services are designed to ensure you pay no more tax than you need to while meeting all your obligations. Services begin with strategic advice and planning, and flow through to practical support. Our services can be tailored to your particular needs. Personal, company, partnership and trust taxation No matter what entity you operate through, we can provide you with tax advice and planning.

Expert Guidance / Advisory

M & A offers business advice and planning to enhance every aspect of your financial life.By seeking expert business advice and planning, you create a solid foundation for financial success. M & A provides fresh financial thinking, planning and advice across a broad range of matters, from the big picture to the smallest details.


This is handled by our sister firm, Savannah Associates. Company directors and secretaries are responsible for compliance with the Companies Act. While specific tasks might individually not appear to be onerous, the Act expects responsible officials to have the detailed knowledge to comply. By outsourcing the company secretarial tasks to specialist professionals, directors can rest assured that their compliance responsibilities are in good hands.


Managing a business in today’s commercial environment requires a rigorous set of financial processes.M & A provides a comprehensive suite of accounting services to help you manage the day-to-day operations, compliance requirements and performance of your business.With the right systems in place, you will be free to focus on what you do best.Services range from the preparation of detailed IFRS compliant reports to bookkeeping functions.


M & A has many years of proven experience providing turn-key solutions assisting our business partners, from large companies to small businesses, meet their goals. No matter the challenge your business is facing, M & A’s diverse team of seasoned professionals work to identify full spectrum solutions. Our business model focus has never changed, “We deliver what we promise; No exceptions.” We understand that each business is unique and constantly evolving, for that very reason M & A offers a range of services customized to meet your needs, while remaining cost effective

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  • IRS calculations & advices
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