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Payroll Management

Are you looking for payroll management services for your company? M&A offers the best payroll services in Kenya. You can now concentrate on the core business of your company as we manage your payroll every month.

The process consists of calculations of employees’ salaries and tax deductions, administering employee benefits, payment of salaries, submitting the statutory deductions, making payments to the respective employees’ bank accounts and issuing of pay slips.

M&A offers quick and efficient payroll services to our clients helping them to cut down on unnecessary costs and save on time so as to attain their goals and objectives.  We have a team of experienced payroll managers, who also handle salary queries and provide all payroll tax information to the clients.

We are the best Payroll Management Services Company in Kenya; as our team works professionally, ensuring safety, security and confidence of the client is maintained. They also ensure compliance with all the government bodies and that the deadlines for submissions are met.

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